Sunfield Home School appreciates all the help it receives.

We strive to keep the school running at an optimum level to ensure that we can offer our children the very best. Sunfield welcomes all donations


  • Painting of school & hostel buildings – exterior

  • Replace boundary fence with steel palisade fence.

  • Repair pottery room floors – epoxy coat

  • Occupational Therapy equipment.

  • Solar panels for all buildings

  • Ablution facilities next to the school hall.

  • Educational sofrware for classroom computers.

  • Generator.

  • Pre-voc toilets linked to main line.

  • Railing on stairs down to kitchen.

  • 25m swimming pool/repairs to current swimming pool.

  • Pool change rooms – tiled and painted (non-slip)

  • Create staff parking.

Hostel Wishlist

  • Lounge chairs for children.

  • Ceiling fans

  • TV for Meisie Reid Hostel

  • Drainage system at the courtyard.


  • 3 computers.

  • 2 colour printers.

  • Soccer goal posts.

  • 4 cooking pots.

  • 1 outdoor table.

  • 8 outdoor tables with attached benches (6 seater).